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Tandem Personal Training

Would you like to share your training sessions and be motivated and held accountable not only by your personal trainer, but by your friend, family member or loved one? No problem! Our Tandem Personal Training will get both of you in shape in no time. Your program will be custom built to suit both of your abilities and limitations, designing the fastest and safest route to your goals. With a maximum of two clients sharing a personal trainer and a sizable discount over private one-on-one training rates, you can have expert individualized one on two attention at a discounted rate.

Small Group Personal Training

Exercising with a group can be very fun as you challenge yourself while pushing right alongside family, friends, or a small group of like-minded people. Small group training is perfect for those who want accountability, motivation, and personal attention at an affordable price.

With our small group personal training we take clients’ current fitness levels and goals are into account when creating an individualized training plan for you and your group. With a maximum of just four clients per session, your group strikes the perfect balance between the advantages of personal training and the affordability and motivation of group exercise!

We have many groups that have been together for a long time and continue to renew because they love the atmosphere and social outlet created all while still getting the benefits of exercise. New groups are always forming and sessions can be held in your home or in our private studio in Berlin, CT.