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Fat-Loss Meal Plans and Nutrition Consulting

ryan-kolej-caption Eating Easy is an affordable, easy to follow, fully-customized, one-on-one weight loss meal plan program that is designed to stabilize blood sugar levels and help stop cravings for sugary foods and refined starches, and you get to do this all while enjoying foods you love so you can reach your goals and maintain fat-loss for life.

Eating Easy also eliminates the need to keep food journals or count anything while sparing your muscle and burning fat. There is nothing to figure out as it is all done for you and only made up of foods you enjoy. Eating Easy is perfect for anyone who wants to lose weight, and improve their overall health.

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We have many success stories to present. These are real people who have benefited from Ryan’s Eating Easy program. Become your own success story! Ryan would love to share your success.

Your Personal Nutrition Coach

Ryan, creator of Eating Easy, will be your own Personal Nutrition Coach!   With professional nutrition consulting Ryan educates clients based on their specific nutritional needs.  Ryan will provide his clients with advice on meal content, portion control, food selection, navigating around life’s obstacles and weight management. Clients can also be educated on celiac disease, childhood obesity, eating disorders and sports nutrition.

Other Consulting Services:

Cooking Demonstrations
Meet and Eat – Meet with Ryan at one of your favorite restaurants and learn how to recognize good choices and how to order off the menu with confidence.
Grocery Store Tours – Learn to shop the right way by avoiding marketing traps and how to plan and shop for the week…and more

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