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Bridal Bootcamp

bridal bootcamp If as you get closer to the big day you look in the mirror and realize that you have more weight to lose than you thought, or maybe you’re just not as tight or toned as you would like, there is no reason to panic, we can help you fit into that dress and look amazing.

Our bridal bootcamp is guaranteed to help you lose fat fast all while toning your arms, back, and everything else. Whether or not your looking for tandem training (with friend or fiancé), group training (3 or more people), or private one-on-one studio training, we will customize a bootcamp program that will give you results, fast!

Nutrition Counseling and take-home workout programs are always included with your bootcamp package. And, If you’re looking for a fully customized meal plan to help boost your progress (highly recommended), Ryan Kolej and Eating Easy offers discounted Eating Easy meal plans for all BYOB-Fit clients.

Don’t fall into the starvation trap. Too many brides-to-be out there that think starving themselves will help them to get the body they want. Not eating enough calories will sabotage your fat-loss efforts just like eating too much ice cream would. By not eating enough, your body will start to hold on to the minimal calories you are consuming and will mostly be converted into and stored as fat.

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