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BYOB-Fit: About Ryan

Ryan Kolej, ownerMy name is Ryan Kolej. I have been one of the top trainers in CT for more than 10 years. I am a Nutritionist, N.A.S.M. Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist, owner of BYOB-Fit and Eating Easy. Other certifications I hold include: American Council on Exercise – Certified Weight Loss Specialist, American Fitness Professionals and Associates – Certified Nutrition and Weight Management, and hold a Level 1 Cross-Fit Coach Certification.

I started my career in fitness and nutrition more than a decade ago fueled by the positive impact fitness had on my life, and I found it extremely gratifying to be able to help improve the lives of others through health and fitness.

Believe it or not Sports – or anything “health and fitness” related did not make up a big part of my childhood. I was never the talented kid on the team and usually had to be appointed to a team by the coach as I was never picked by the other kids, but that’s the way it went for me. It wasn’t until my late teens that I developed a passion for health and fitness and started to make it a permanent part of my lifestyle. I started trying new fitness programs and practiced many different nutritional approaches trying to fine tune what works, and what doesn’t. I became even more interested in how the body works and how to make it work for me. I started to see changes in my own body. I could run further, I was getting stronger, and my clothes fit better. Seeing these results made me feel so good about myself, not to mention to complements I would get from others. So much had changed for me. I experienced firsthand how important living a healthier and more-fit life is by both how I felt and my new perspective on life as well. It was at this point that I decided I wanted to help others feel this way too. I was hungry for more and so what started out as a business focus in school quickly changed to fitness and nutrition.

I never wanted to be “that trainer” at a big box gym and so in 2004 I started my first business, Fitness On Demand LLC. “FOD” was an in-home personal training business that quickly added corporate fitness programs, nutrition, and private one-on-one personal training in a private studio here in CT. Now I own BYOB-Fit and couldn’t be happier. It is my job and commitment to help you make permanent changes to how you look and feel through personalized private personal training a nutritional coaching.

I could go the route repeating catchy phrases and tacky sales pitches. Instead I’ll just say this; my team of extremely talented and professional personal trainers and I will help you change your life, or simply make it better! We are great at what we do and will help you without wasting your time or money. We are 100% dedicated to personal training. We care about you and your results, and we work hard to help you obtain them.Ryan.

If you are serious about success, I want to personally invite you to sign up for a free fitness and nutrition consultation!